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This Mantra is very effective for financial prosperity, eradication of disease and universal victory. This Mantra is considered very important. Mantra Siddhi gives unlimited glory. This Mantra should be chanted to propitiate planet Mercury.

Mantras For Getting male offspring Dhumavati Mantra

"Dhung Dhung Dhumavati Tha Tha"

This Mantra is effective for getting male offspring, protection of wealth and to get victory over enemies. This Mantra gives instant results. This Mantra should be chanted to propitiate Ketu. Mantras For Getting victory over enemies

Baglamukhi Mantra

" Om Hreeng Bagalamukhi Sarvdushtanaam Vacham Mukham Padam Stambhay Jeevhaam Keelay Keelay Buddhim Vinashay Hreeng OmSwaha? "

Bagalamukhi Mantra is world famous. But it should be recited very carefully because slightest mistake can cause reverse impact. Bagalamukhi Mantra is secret. All the sins get eradicated if you recite it once. All obstacles get destroyed by reciting it twice. All the jobs get accomplished by reciting it thrice. This is the surest and easiest remedy to get victory over enemies and to get complete success in legal cases. This is also considered effective for acquiring education, increasing memory and financial prosperity. Recite it one lakh times for Mantra Siddhi. This Mantra should be recited to give power to Mars.

Mantras For Marriage

Matangi Mantra

"Om Hreeng Kleeng Hung Matangyai Phutt Swaha?"

For enhancing beauty, early marriage and marital happiness this Mantra is most effective. In addition to that if a girl is facing obstacles in the way of her marriage and if she is failing to marry at her desired. This Mantra can be recited to propitiate planet Sun. 

Mantras For Wealth

"Kamala Mantra Om Aing Hreeng Shreeng Kleeng Hasauh Jagatprasutyai Namah? "

Kamala is a form of Goddess Laxmi. This Mantra of Goddess Kamala should be recited for acquiring prosperity. This Mantra is very auspicious for the expansion of business, financial prosperity and for the acquisition of all worldly leasures. According to Shastras none of the Mantras are as effective as is Kamala Mantra for financial prosperity. This Mantra is more effective than Laxmi Mantra and Kanakdhara Mantra. For the eradication of poverty, financial prosperity and expansion of business this Mantra is best. In one?s life this Mantra is capable of giving highest growth and success in terms of financial prosperity. For Mantra Siddhi recite this Mantra 1 lakh 25000 times. This Mantra is best for Propitiating the planet Venus.

Shiv Mantras For Getting longevity, salvation, peace of mind and moksha

"Om Namah Shivay"

For the acquisition of salvation and destruction of fear of death this Mantra is best. This Mantra is considered effective for the eradication of disease, sorrrow, fear etc. Recitation of this Mantras gives success and Siddhis.

"Om Hraung Jung Sah"

This is known as Trayakshar Mrityunjay Mantra. This Mantra is considered useful for the eradication of disease and death fear. Recite this Mantra 3 lakh times and perorm Hawan for MantraSiddhi.

"Om Trayambakam Yajamahe Sugandhimpushtivardhanam Urwarukmivbandhanaan Mrityormuksheeymaamritaat"

This is known as Mrityunjay Mantra. This Mantra should be recited for the eradication of diseases and death fear. It is highly recommended for increasing longevity.

"Om Hraung Jung Sah Bhurbhuvah Swah Trayambakam Yajamahe Sugandhimpushtivardhanam Urwarukmivbandhanaan Mrityormuksheey maamritaat Bhurbhuvah Swaraung Jung Sah Hraung Om"

This is known as Mahamrityunjay Mantra. It is most powerful Mantra and most effective for increasing longevity and for eradicating diseases and death fear. The house where this Mantra is recited, problems like diseases, sudden death and death fear cannot touch the members of that house.

"Om Namo Bhagwate Rudraay"

This is known as Rudra Mantra. This Mantra is recited to get blessings of Lord Shiva. It is considered effective for the fulfilment of one's wishes.

Surya Mantras For Eyesight, glow on face, longevity, financial prosperity, success and glory

"Om Ghrini Surya Aditya"

Recitation of this Mantra nullifies black magic. Evil spirits get destroyed with mere pronounciation of this Mantra. Recitation of this Mantra is best for acquiring world-wide fame. It gives prosperity, male offspring, glory and educational success. It is auspicious for health, longevity, materialistic success and memory. Recitation of this Mantra gives instant results.

"Om Hreeng Ghrinih Surya Aditya Shreeng"

This Mantra is auspicious for pleasing Lord Sun. It gives unlimited glory and complete success in accomplishing all tasks. For Mantra Siddhi recite this Mantra 10,000 times. This Mantra has lot of power to grant male offspring. It gives everything like improved eyesight, lustrous skin, money, wealth, animals, land, sons, friends, spouse, power, semen, education and destiny.Everybody should recite this Mantra in the morning and in addition to that Arghya (water) should also be offered to Lord Sun to make your day complete and useful in all respects.

Mantras For Laxmi Narayan

"Om Hreeng Hreeng Shreeng Shreeng Laxminarayanay Namah"

This Mantra is highly beneficial for acquiring financial prosperity and materialistic success. It should be recited 10 lakh times for its Siddhi.

Mantras For Vishnu

"Om Namo Narayanay"

This Mantra is most effective to live meaningful life and to acquire financial prosperity and materialistic success. This is auspicious for the happiness in family, unity, prosperity and company of saint. It gives all sorts of Siddhi and glory.

"Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaay"

For Mantra Siddhi it should be recited 12 lakh times. This is an auspicious Mantra for enjoying all worldly comforts. It is specially useful for the welfare of women and to improve marital happiness.

VISHNU'S DASHAVTAR MANTRAS Sri Matsya (Fish form - Ketu)

"Om Matsya Rupay Namah"

Sri Kurma (Tortoise form - Saturn) "Om Koorm Rupay Namah" Sri Varah Mantra (Boarform-Rahu) "Om Namo Bhagwate Varah Rupay Bhur Bhuvah Swah Syatpate Bhupatitwam Dehyate Dadapay Swaha" This Mantra is highly beneficial to get rid of death fear and to get victory in a battle. For Mantra Siddhi recite this Mantra 1 lakh 25000 times. By reciting this Mantra one gets rid of from the obstacles from enemies, thief and evil spirits.

Sri Narasimha (Man - Lion form - Mars)

"Om Namo Bhagwate Narasinhaya"

This Mantra is very effective to protect one from evil eye, black magic, fear, enemies, diseases and sorrow. This is most effective to get victory over enemies.

Sri Vamana (Priest or Brahmin - Jupiter)

"Om Vaman Rupay Namah"

Sri Parashuram (Warrior priest - Venus)

"Om Parashuramaay Namah"

Sri Buddha (Student orm - Mercury)

"Om Gautambuddhaay Namah"

Sri Rama (Perfect Human form - Sun)

"Om Rang Ramay Namah"

This mantra is recited generally by the devotees of Lord Rama. It is good for the consolidation of devotion towards Lord Rama. It is auspicious for family life. It should be recited 6 lakh times for Mantra Siddhi.

Sri Krishna (Transcendental Human form-Moon)

"Om Kleeng Krishnaay Namah"

This Mantra is auspicious for the devotees of Lord Krishna. Recite it 6 lakh times for happiness in family life and getting devotion towards Lord Krishna.

Sri Kalkin (Divine protector - Ascendant)

"Om Kalkine Jay Jay Shaalgramnivasine Divysinghay Swayambhuve Purushay Namah Om"

Mantras For Kamdev

"Kleeng Kamdevay Namah"

This is considered most powerful Mantra for enhancing physical beauty and attraction. It helps in semen retention and makes one potent to enjoy complete sexual pleasure. By attaining Mantra Siddhi one becomes very attractive.

Mantras For Kuber

"Om Shreeng Om Hreeng Shreeng Hreeng Kleeng Shreeng Kleeng Vitteshawaray Namah"

This is a very powerful Mantra for acquiring financial prosperity. 

Mantras For Putra Prapti It is also known as Santangopal Mantra. Recite it one lakh times for Mantra Siddhi. It has power to grant male offspring.

"Om Kleeng Shrreng Hreeng Jeeng Om Bhurbhuvah Swah Om Devaki Sut Govindam Vasudev Jagatpate Dehi Mey Tanayam Krishan Twamaham Sharanam Gatah Om Om Swah Bhuvah Bhuh Geeng Hreeng Shreeng Tweeng Om"

Mantras For Panchanguli Mantra of Panchanguli should be recited 108 times daily.

"Om Namo Panchanguli-Panchanguli Parshari-Parshari Mataa Mayangal Vashikarni Lohamaya Dand Mannini Chausatth Kaam Vihandani Ranmdhye Raulmadhye Shatrumadhye Deewaanmadhye Bhootmadhye Pretmadhye ishaachmadhye Jhotingmadhye Daakinimadhye Shankhinimadhye Yakshinimadhye Doshenimadhye Sheknimadhye Gunimadhye Gaarudimadhye Veenarimadhye Doshmadhye doshasharan madhye Dushtmadhye Ghor Kashtmijh Upre Buro Jo Koi Kare Karaave jade Jadaave Tat Chinte Chintave Sri Mathe Sri Matarri Panchanguli Devi Tano Vajro Nirdhaar Parhe Om Thang Thang Thang Swaha"

After reciting this Mantra, give oblation (Havan) of Panchameva daily. This is the method of attaining Mantra Siddhi. Keep an idol of Goddess Durga in front of you. Make one picture of Swaroop evi which shall look like fingers. Any Person who attains the Siddhi even once will obtain the power to forecast events by looking at the hands. He can cast horoscope simply by looking at the hands of any person. He will know all the secrets of the life of another person. Even the Western astrologer Cheiro had mastered Panchanguli Sadhana by the virtue of which he could make absolutely accurate predictions. He had come to India to master this prayer of invocation of Goddess Panchanguli and it is because of this knowledge gained by him that his predictions brought name and fame for him. Mantras For Swapan Siddhi "Om Hreeng Namo Varahi Aghore Swapnam Darshay Tha Tha Swaha" Recite this Mantra 1100 times before sleeping at night. By doing so you shall get answer to your question within 11 days in your dream.

Mantras For Swapan Matangi

"Om Namo SwapanMatangini Satyabhashini Swapanam Darshay Darshay Swaha"

Avoid food and water. Recite this Mantra 108 times and sleep at the same place. In the night you shall get answer to your question in your dream.

Mantras For Sarwa Siddhi

"Om Hreeng Sreem Arham A Si Aa U Sa Namah"

Recite this Mantra 1.25 lakh times for attaining all sorts of Siddhis and for accomplishing all desires.

Mantras For Putra Sampada Prapti

"Om Hreem Sreem Kleem Hreem Asi Aausaa Chulu Chulu Hulu Hulu Mulu Mulu Echiyam Me Kuru Kuru Swaha Tribhuvan SwaminoVidya"

Recite this Mantra 24000 times and offer one flower to your Ishta devta (favourite deity) after each recitation, so, in this way 24000 flowers shall be offered in total. You shall be blessed with male offspring, health, wealthand fame.

Sarva Roga Nashak Mantra

"Om Aing Hreeng Kleeng Klaung Arham Namah"

Recite one rosary of this Mantra in the morning, afternoon and evening one shall be free from all diseases by doing so.

Mohan Mantra

"Om Namo Bhagavao Arahao, Chandappahassa Sijhaashyao MemBhagavayi Mahayi ahaavidya Chanda Chandappa Mem Ayippabhe Mahaappabhe Tha Tha Tha Swaha"

Take water in a bowl and hold in your hand and recite the Mantra for 800 times, thereafter recite the Mantra for further 7 times and wash the face. You will be liked by all. This water can be given to others also. That means Sadhaka can recite the Mantra and others can be benefittted. If this Mantra is recited for 21 times and given to another person, that person will shine like Moon in this world.

Mantras For Intelligence and knowledge

"Namo Arahanthaanam Namo Siddhanam Namo Aayariyaanam Namo Uvajhaa-yaanam Namo loye Sarvasaahoonam. Om Namo Bhagvayi-a-suya-deva-yaaye Savvasuya Mayaaye Sarassa-yiye Savva Vaayini Suvanna Vanne Om Aradevim Mama Shareeram Pavissa Punchhatayassa Muhampavissa Savvam Gamana Hareeye Arahantha Sireeye Swaha" Recitation of this Mantra daily morning 108 times will make you extremely intelligent person. Mantras For Getting Power to Know the Past, Present and Future "Om Krishna Vilepanaaya Swaha"  Recite this Mantra 108 times daily "Om Dhenta Swaha" 

Recite this Mantra 1 lakh times with red flowers. Sadhaka will get Siddhi of this Mantra and would get answers about past, present and future in his ear. Buddhist Mantras "Nam Myoho Renge Kyo"

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